Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday, 5/01/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  In WOD

WOD:  For time:
             -60 Chest to bar pull ups
             -80 Wall Balls 20# / 14#

             Every time a set is broke: 10 reps bench press @ 75% body wt

Must complete all 60 pull ups before moving on to wall balls.  Each time you come off the pull up bar, you owe 10 bench press.  Once on wall balls, every time you break, you owe 10 bench press.

Post time, # of bench press sets and bench weight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wednesday, 4/29/2015

Warm up:  Dynamic

Strength:  In WOD

WOD:  For Time:
            Buy in:  Row 30 Calories
             -Body Weight Dead Lift
             -Box Jumps 24" / 20"
             10 Double Unders between each set
            Cash out:  Row 30 Calories

You will start the clock, row 30 calories then, 1 dead lift 1 box jump and 10 double unders.  Then 2 dead lifts 2 box jumps and 10 double unders.  Until you do 10, 10, and 10.  Then row 30 calories to finish.

Post dead lift weight and time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tuesday, 4/28/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

WOD:  4 rounds for time of:
             -Run 200m
            -10 Ball Slams 40#
            -10 Kettle Swings 55# / 35#

Post time. Compare to last weeks wod when it was 4 rounds each for time.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday, 4/27/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

WOD:  AMRAP 20 minutes
             -Run 200m
             -5 Pull ups
             -10 Push ups
            -15 SQUATS


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday, 4/24/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

WOD:  3 rounds for time:
             -30 Calorie Row
             -30 Stationary lunge steps with 15# / 10# plate overhead
             -30 Calories on Assault Bike
             -30 Stationary lunge steps with weight overhead

Post time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wednesday, 4/22/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  In WOD

WOD:  For time:
            -Bench Press 185# / 105#
            -Ab mat sit ups
            -Power Cleans 185# / 105#

Post time.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tuesday, 4/21/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  Straight Leg Dead Lift 3 sets 10 reps.  Not too heavy.  Focus on Range of Motion.

WOD:  4 Rounds EACH for time:
             -Run 200m
             -10 Ball Slams 40# / 30#
             -10 Kettle Swings 55# / 35#
            Rest 3 minutes between each round.

Post time for each round.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday, 4/21/2015

Warm up:  Dynamic

Strength:  Strict Press 5 sets 5 reps.  All 5 work sets should be at the same weight.

WOD:  5 rounds NOT for time
             -10 Push ups from a box or plates.  Chest drops below box or plates each rep.
             -10 Supine Ring Pull ups
             -10 Toes to Bar
             -10 Bar Dips
             -10 Back Extensions

This is not for time, but try to keep rest at a minimum.  Goal is to get through all 10 reps unbroken.
If you need to scale, scale the # of reps down to a # that you can do unbroken.
Scale Toes to Bars to Knees to elbows if needed.
Keep track of all breaks.

Post press weight and # of breaks.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday, 4/17/2015

Warm up:  Get Warm and Get loose.  Make sure you have a decent sweat going.

Strength:  In WOD

WOD:  Hero WOD
             7 Rounds for time
              -Run 400m
              -29 Back Squats 135# / 95#

Post time.

Here is a link for the story of Manion.  I encourage everyone to read it and get a true appreciation for this soldier.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wednesday, 4/15/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

WOD:  For time:
             -60 Calorie Row
             -50 Kettle Swings 70# / 55#
             -40 Calorie Row
             -30 Kettle Swings
             -20 Calorie Row
             -10 Kettle Swings

Credit for this WOD goes to Jason Westfall!

It will be tough!  Scale the kettles if needed.

Post time.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuesday, 4/14/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  In WOD

WOD: 7 Rounds for time:
            -7 Chest to bar pull ups
            -7 Burpees
            -7 Power Cleans 155# / 105#

Post time.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Monday, 4/13/2015

Warm up: Run , row, or ride 10 minutes

Strength: In WOD

WOD: 4 Rounds For Time
            -15 Bench Press 75% body wt
            -15 Kettle swings 70# /55#
            -15 GHD sit ups
            -Run 400m

Post Bench weight and time.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday, 4/10/2015

Warm up:  Run 800m
                 Then 3 rounds
                 -15 Air Squats
                 -10 GHD Sit ups
                 -10 Back Extensions
                 -5 Burpees

Strength:  None

WOD:  5 Rounds for time
             -Row 250meters
             -25 UNBROKEN Wall Balls 20# / 14#

If you break the wall balls, count a penalty and end that round immediately.  The object is to push the reps past a comfortable #.  Make sure you rest enough to get all 25 reps.
Example if you break set 1 at 15 wall balls, you are done with that set.  Count a penalty and move on.

After your final round complete 10 burpees for each penalty.  The clock stops after all burpees are completed!

Hold yourself accountable!
Full Range of motion!
Hit the target.
If you have to scale, scale the # of reps to 20 or 15.

Post time # of Penalties and # of wall balls completed each round.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wednesday, 4/8/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

WOD:  AMRAP 20 minutes.
             Slow it down and Rest enough to ensure perfect form and FULL Range of motion!

             -5 Ring Dips
             -7 Supine Ring Pull ups
             -7 Push Ups
             -5 Ab Mat sit ups

Ring dips, focus on full depth and locking out at the top.  If you cannot get full depth, scale to bar dips and use bands if needed.

Supine ring pull ups core should stay tight.  Adjust angle if needed to keep from getting loose.  Hips should not hang below the rest of your body!

For Push Ups Perfect form is hips NEVER touch the floor.  Chest should tough floor while hips and knees are off the floor.  Lock out elbows fully at the top! If going on your knees, still keep the hips off the floor!

Have a partner judge your reps if needed!

Post rounds completed.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tuesday, 4/7/2015

Everyone can thank Jantz for this idea:

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

WOD:  For time
             -Run 400m
             -Fran with 75# / 55#
             -Run 400m
             -Fran with 75# / 55#
             -Run 400m

FRAN = 21-15-9
               Pull ups

So you will run 400m then complete 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull ups, then run 400m then do Fran again and finish with 400m.

If you need to scale this workout,
Scale to:
Run 400m
Run 400m
Scale weight as needed.

Post time.

Thanks JANTZ!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Monday, 4/6/2015

Warm up:  Choice

Strength:  None

             AMRAP 3 minutes
             -3 Burpees
             -3 Box Jumps 24" / 20"
             Rest 6 minutes
             AMRAP 5 minutes
             -5 Burpees
             -5 Ball Slams 40# / 30#

Post Rounds completed for each.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Friday, 4/3/2015

If you are planning on attending the bbq tonight, then come prepared to work out at the party!!!!!

If you cannot attend tonights party:

Warm up:  Choice

Strength: Rest

WOD:  5 rounds for time
             -10 Wall Balls 20# / 14#
             -10 Kettle Swings 55# / 35#
             -10 Burpees
             -10 Hand Release Push ups
             -10 calories on rower

Post time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thursday, 4/2/2015

Rest day!

Get ready for the Big Event on Friday!!!!