Sunday, October 31, 2010

11/03/10-Wednesday REST DAY


Press 5x1

Weighted Chin Ups 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Complete 3 rounds for time:

10 KB Swings - 2 pood
25 yard One Arm Farmer Walk with KB in rack position - right
10 KB Swings - 2 pood
25 yard One Arm Farmer Walk with KB in rack position - left
*rest 45 seconds between rounds


Front Squat 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Gymnastics Skill Work 20 minutes

Complete 5 rounds for time:

20 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ 45 lbs plate (10 each leg)
10 90 degree rotational box jumps (right & left counts as one rep) 20 inch box
10 Strict Pull Ups
Rest 45 seconds between rounds
*On lunge, back knee has to touch the ground (be careful to just "kiss" the ground) to be counted.
*For rotational box jumps, start by facing the box, jump and rotate to the right 90 degrees landing on the box. Step down and jump again, this time rotating 90 degrees to the left landing on the box. One jump to the right and one to the left counts as one rep. Start and land in a good athletic position.

Sunday 1.5 hour ride/run Moore Park. Mt. Shasta in the background.

The best and worst Halloween candies:
The best

1. Jolly Ranchers: Three of these hard candies have 70 calories, no fat and 11 grams of sugar. It's hard to do much better than that.
2. Blow Pops: This 18-gram candy-gum combo has 60 calories, no fat and 13 grams of sugar.
3. Gobstoppers: Nine pieces of this everlasting treat have 60 calories, no fat and 14 grams of sugar.
4. Pixy Stix: There are 60 calories, 0 grams of fat and 15 grams of sugar in seven straws of this fruit-flavored candy.
5. Candy corn: Nineteen pieces of this ultimate Halloween candy has 140 calories, no fat and 32 grams of sugar.

The worst
1. Mr. Goodbar: A 49-gram Mr. Goodbar will cost you 250 calories, 17 grams of fat (including seven grams of saturated fat) and 23 grams of sugar.
2. NutRageous: Another nutty candy, a 51-gram NutRageous bar, will run you 260 calories, 16 grams of fat (including five grams of saturated fat) and 22 grams of sugar.
3. Snickers: Maybe a Snickers bar really should be a meal on its own. A 59-gram bar has 280 calories, 14 grams of fat — (including five grams of saturated fat) and 30 grams of sugar.
4. Baby Ruth: A 60-gram bar has 280 calories, 14 grams of fat (including 8 grams of saturated fat). It also has 33 grams of sugar, the second-highest sugar total among the candies examined, better only than a 60-gram 3 Musketeers candy bar that has 40 grams of sugar (though a 3 Musketeers bar has only eight grams of total fat).
5. Mounds: The only candy on our "Worst 5" list to not have peanuts, a 49-gram bar of this coconut treat has 230 calories, 13 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. It also has 10 grams of saturated fat, the most of any of the 37 surveyed candies.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

haha, jake.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/31/10-Sunday OFF DAY


Complete 6 rounds:

1 Minute of Calorie Row
1 Minute to perform 15 KB Swings - 2 pood
*You have one minute to row for calories. You have the second minute to perform 15 KB swings.


Complete for time:

20 Sledge Hammer Strikes Right
20 Sledge Hammer Strikes Left
2 Towel Pull Ups
19 Sledge Hammer Strikes Right
19 Sledge Hammer Strikes Left
4 Towel Pull Ups
18 Sledge Hammer Strikes Right
18 Sledge Hammer Strikes Left
6 Towel Pull Ups
17 Sledge Hammer Strikes Right
17 Sledge Hammer Strikes Left
8 Towel Pull Ups
16 Sledge Hammer Strikes Right
16 Sledge Hammer Strikes Left
10 Towel Pull Ups
15 Sledge Hammer Strikes Right
15 Sledge Hammer Strikes Left
12 Towel Pull Ups


Bench Press 5x1
Dips 3 x max reps

Russian Stim
Complete 3 rounds:
2 Squats @ 85% of 1 RM
Rest 2-3 minutes
2 Squats @ 85% of 1 RM
Rest 2-3 minutes
8 Power Cleans @ 80% of 1 RM - 30 sec rest between reps
Rest 2-3 minutes
8 Power Cleans @ 80% of 1 RM - 30 sec rest between reps
*Rest 3-4 minutes between rounds

Saturday, October 23, 2010

10/26/10-Wednesday REST DAY


Deadlift 5 RM (add 10 lbs to last workout)
4 rounds for time:
Max Rep Push Ups
Max Rep Strict Pull Ups
15 GHD Sit Ups
250 meter row


Squat 5x2
Press 5x5 (new PR)
Hand Stand Holds 3 x max time (1 min rest)

Complete 10 rounds:
5 Lateral Hops - 20 inch height
20 yard sprint
Rest 60 seconds between rounds
*Alternate starting sides every round
*Start on the side of the box and perform a lateral jump over the 20 inch height landing in a good athletic position on the other side, and repeat. On the fifth jump land and transition into a 20 yard sprint.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


"Amazing Grace"

30 Reps Ground to Overhead - 135 lbs


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

Ring Dips
Seated Med Ball Sit Up Throws - 20 lbs
20 yard Farmer's Walk - As Heavy As Possible
*For med ball throws, get into a sit up position about 6-8 feet from the wall. Start with your back flat on the ground and the ball overhead. Sit up while flinging med ball against the wall, catch and repeat.
*Complete one 20 yard Farmer's Walk at the end of every round.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


10,000 pounds

The goal is to lift 10,000 lbs, as fast as possible, but only using one rep at a time, of the following lifts.
1 Squat
1 Bench
1 Power Clean
*You can use any weight on the lifts and it can be done in any amount of rounds.
*The goal is to lift 10,000 lbs.
*You can only do one rep at a time and must cycle through all three lifts to complete one round.

10/20/10-Wednesday REST DAY


Complete 3 rounds:

1 Full Gasser
10 Power Cleans 185 lbs
5 Push Jerks 185 lbs
*rest 45 seconds between rounds


Squat 5x5 @ 90% of 5 RM

Shouldar Press 5x1

1 20 yard Four Cone Drill - Right Side Start

1 20 yard Four Cone Drill - Left Side Start
*rest as needed between rounds

4 corner drill

Monday, October 11, 2010

10/17/10-Sunday REST DAY


One Minute On...One Minute Off...for 12 minutes.

25 Sledge Hammer Strikes
*You have 1 minute to get 25 Sledge Hammer Strikes. If you do not get 25 Sledge Hammer Strikes in 1 minute, count a penalty.
*Perform this workout one minute on and one minute off. Total time is 12 minutes.
*For every penalty counted, perform 5 burpees.


Power Clean 5x3 (new PR)

Complete 5 rounds:

Max Rep Bench Press - Body Weight
Sprint 1/2 Gasser


Shoulder Press 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout)

Complete 10 rounds for time:
3 Squats @ 65% of 1 RM
6 Ring Dips

10/13/10-Wednesday REST DAY


Deadlift 5 RM

Strict Pull Ups 3 x max
On the Minute:
Perform 2 Power Snatches & 4 burpees for 12 minutes.

Go as heavy as possible on power snatches.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Complete 6 rounds:
10 Walking Barbell Lunges - 35%-40% of 1 RM Squat

2 Max Distance Broad Jumps
Sprint 10 yards, touch and sprint back 10 yards
*Place the bar on your back and walking lunge 5 right, 5 left. Make sure to take a long stride and barely touch your back knee to the ground. Drop the bar and perform 2 max distance broad jumps. After landing the last broad jump sprint 10 yards, touch the line and sprint back 10 yards.
*rest 90 seconds between rounds.

10/10/10-Sunday REST DAY



Complete 5 rounds for time:
Squat Max Reps
7 Burpee Box Jumps 20"
*Amateur use body weight.
*Collegiate/Professional, if under a body weight of 225 lbs use 225 lbs. If body weight is over 225 lbs use your body weight.


Bench Press 5x1

Find Max Height Box Jump

The Volkswagen 2.0

15, 10, 5 reps of:
Bench Press @ 65% of 1 RM
Ring Dips
Pull Ups


Overhead Squat 5x1
Power Snatch 8x2
Complete 5 rounds:
Max Rep Handstand Push Ups
*rest as needed between rounds


8 x 100 yard sprints
*rest 45 seconds between rounds

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10/06/10 REST DAY


Deadlift 3 @ 80%, 3 @ 85%, 3 @ 90%

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

1 Press 90% of 1 RM
1 Strict Pull Up
1 Press 90% of 1 RM
3 Strict Pull Ups
1 Press 90% of 1 RM
5 Strict Pull Ups


Squat 20 RM (add 10 lbs from last 20 RM)

*Go for broke and find you back squat 20 RM
*RM = Rep Max (check the FAQ if you have any questions

Complete 5 rounds of:

5 Hang Power Cleans 185 lbs
3 Box Overs w/ 20" box
50 yard sprint
*Rest 60 seconds between rounds.
*For box overs...set up three 20” boxes 3-4 feet apart. Jump over the first box landing on the other side between the boxes. Immediately bound over the 2nd box and then the 3rd. Once landing on the other side of the 3rd box roll right into the sprint.